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Garage Organization

Professional Garage Organization

Declutter – Reclaim

Is there anything more relaxing than an organized garage space?

From storage to seasonal to athletic gear and household items, when items are off the floor and in their own place we feel that sense of calm and collection.

Ceiling mounted racks and simple hooks on a track allow for us to organize just about anything.

Garage Organization Before

Let us plan the attack and take care of all the details. From a garage that has become a little too crowded, to a area that has grown too big for its space, Golden Spaces has you covered!

Garage Organization After

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An Organized Garage Space Feels Good

I don’t usually pick favorites, but this house of gorgeous grown women has to be a highlight of my year.

Each with their own unique needs, this storage space needed to house a bunch of everything, while highlighting their favorite categories such as gift wrapping and holiday décor.

We opted to recycle as many existing storage bins as possible and beautify the ugly built in peg-board with some important gift wrap supplies!

Garage Before Organization
Garage After Organization
Garage Before Organization
Garage Before

Less is more when regaining your space. Zone and sort items to be accessed each day like sports equipment and chairs, while storing long term items like camping supplies in bins that can be easily transported for those outdoor trips.

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